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Here are my most requested sessions:


The Elevated EA Q&A - Ask me Anything

Ask Maggie anything from a list of curated questions she frequently receives about The Elevated EA, pick and choose, or create your own. Nothing is off limits in this up close and personal session. 


Build, Elevate, & Master Your LinkedIn Presence

Is your LinkedIn profile costing you opportunities?

In this course, Maggie walks you through every step she takes her 1:1 clients through. 
Be prepared to experience a shift in your online presence as Maggie shows you how to make sure your LinkedIn profile is clear, clean, and compelling, so that you never lose an opportunity that should be yours. If you’re hungry for success and committed to improving your profile and presence on LinkedIn, this session is for you.

Bonus: share your learnings with your executive to elevate their presence, too!


Mindset Mastery: Get Out of Your Own Way

Learn how to overcome limiting beliefs and self-defeating thoughts through retraining and reframing your mind. In this session, you’ll learn how to radically alter your state through moving your body, changing your focus, and understanding the power of language. Mindset Mastery enables attendees to reclaim their power and see their role as a place to learn, grow, and contribute.


This 3 Letter Word is Holding You Back

As seen on Executive Secretary Global and The Future Assistant European Summit

While our thoughts and questions ultimately shape our destiny - there’s something more beneath our thoughts and questions. Watch and listen as Maggie breaks down what that is, the impact it currently has and will have on your future, and how you can shift it, so you can transform the life you live from one of suffering to ultimately thriving.